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At the end of last year, I said to myself ‘write an end of year reflection post for your website’. New Year came and went with no sign of a post.

So, when the first few days of January rolled around, I said to myself ‘ write a looking forward post for your website’.

Guess what?

We’re mid-way through January, and still, no such post appeared.

Turns out, schedules aren’t my strong suite. I mean, I put out 4 – 6 books a year, so I have to have some kind of schedule, right? But it isn’t the organised, daily word count, to-do list kind. It’s more chaos, tight deadlines, and will-I-ever-get-this-book-ready in time?

It was because of that, I went in 2017 thinking ‘things will change’. I had all these grand plans about being more organised, stricter with my time, and working (and sticking) to some semblance of a schedule … but the last couple of days (while trying to find my writing mojo and get started on one of the two books I need to be working on) I have come to realise that I’m forcing myself into a mould that I’ll never fit. I was the same throughout college and university – it was always a mad dash to the finish line with assignments and essays. I think, deep down, I thrive on the pressure. It motivates and drives me. If I know I have plenty of time to get something done, chances are it will never get done. I am an excellent procrastinator. In fact, if procrastination was a vocation, I would excel in it.

Which brings me to today. We’re almost half-way through January and there still isn’t a clear schedule or plan in sight … and that’s okay, because what I’m realising more and more is: I do me best. Sure, I’ll stick with trying to implement new techniques to boost my productivity and output. And I still have every best intention to learn and master new marketing strategies and ideas. Not to mention all the projects I have planned (in the recess of my mind).  But this business is a marathon, not a sprint, and as long as I’m moving forward in the right direction, I can live with the rest.

Happy New Year everyone – I can’t wait to see what crazy it brings!