When you meet that one person in the world meant for you… you should hold onto them.

Olivia Bannon walked away.


When 17-year-old Livy meets Ethan, she can’t deny their inexplicable connection. Lost in his dark, intense eyes and smile-to-die-for, Livy never thought she would feel like this. It almost makes her want to break her childhood vow, but Livy knows happily ever after is just an illusion, and despite her heart wanting Ethan, her head is telling her to stick with the plan. The one that doesn’t include falling in love. Period.

Eight years later, Livy finds herself back in her hometown. After the way she left things, the last time they were together, Livy is anxious about seeing Ethan again. It shouldn’t come as a shock to discover he has finally moved on—but it hurts. A lot. Accepting that she will never get the chance to put things right isn’t easy, but it’s not until life comes crashing down around her that Livy realizes what she could’ve had. Left broken, alone, and depressed, only one person can pull her out—the guy she thought she’d pushed away one too many times.
Livy has finally realized that you can’t fight fate… Some things are just meant to be. Is this finally her time to get it right, or has Livy missed her last chance with Ethan?

~ ~ ~


Part One

  1. You and Me – Lifehouse
  2. Crashed – Daughtry
  3. Too lost in you – Sugababes
  4. Lost – Anouk
  5. What hurts the most – Rascal Flatts

Part Two

  1. My Sacrifice – Creed
  2. No one – Alicia Keys
  3. First Time – Lifehouse
  4. When you look me in the eyes – The Jonas Brothers
  5. Fallin’ for you – Colbie Caillat
  6. All we ever do is say goodbye – John Mayer

Part Three

  1. Hurt – Christina Aguilera
  2. What’s love got to do with it – Tina Turner
  3. I almost do – Taylor Swift
  4. 8 years – Anouk
  5. Never let me go – Florence and the machine
  6. When you’re gone – Avril Lavigne
  7. You’re the only exception – Paramore


  1. All I’ve ever needed – Paul McDonald ft. Nikki Reed