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Every time I hit publish on a book, my mum asks me ‘do you have plans for another story?’ To which my response is always ‘oh, I have some ideas’.

That’s a lie. I don’t have some … I have a lot.

Lately, it seems I have a never-ending supply. So much so, that I’m actually finding it difficult to decide which story to pursue next. One day, I really want to write the one with the angst and gritty romance, and then another day, I’m all about the more touching, heartfelt romance. And don’t forget the bad boy meets spoiled rich girl one. Truth be told, this should be a great position to be in. For someone who is trying to make a career of writing I kindof rely on new and fresh ideas.

But when is too much … well, too much?

My head, like most writers, is an exhausting place to be. All of these ideas and not enough time. And what are you supposed to do when you roll with one set of voices only to have them pushed out by a new set? Do you try to focus on the story that is more fitting to current trends … or let  words flow on the story you really, really want to write, but know might not be one for the readers?


At this rate, I feel like I’ll have hundreds of half-started, half-finished stories, which isn’t all that bad, but it doesn’t help me in planning  a release schedule (one of my goals for this year). But writing is better than not writing at all, isn’t it? So for now, I’ll settle with having too many ideas because the day that I have none, will be a sad day indeed.