A surprise for Chastity Falls fans…

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WHEN I PUBLISHED REDEMPTION AND REGRETS, I thought that was the end of the Chastity Falls series. I guess, in my head, I imagined them all living out their happily-ever-afters … but then readers started asking for more. And, for a while, I ignored them. Chastity Falls was done, wasn’t it?


Turns out, the story was there all along, I just had to start writing it. I should have known that the past didn’t just disappear, that old demons didn’t just lay to rest. Braiden fought hard for redemption in Redemption and Regrets but he still needed to pay penance.


Like all series finales, there will be those of you that love it and those of you that want more or, even, a different outcome. And that’s okay. I wrote the story the characters had to tell, and I hope it does justice to them.


This is the end of an incredible journey and I’m sad to say goodbye my favourite set of characters.


… although, is goodbye ever really goodbye!